Birthday Parties

We are a popular venue for parties of all types.

Children’s Birthday Parties

   Pottery  |   Mosaics  |  Decopatch

We can ensure that you have a creative and rewarding experience.

The maximum number of children we can accommodate is 18 although the average is 10 – 12.

Depending on the age of the birthday child we have a couple of options.


Option 1

With this party package children do their chosen craft activity for 1hr 30mins. Great if you are going on elsewhere for a party tea. Cost from £15.00 per head



Option 2

This party package is similar to option 1 but includes the use of the big downstairs table to lay out your party food ready for when the children have finished their activity. We provide paper plates, napkins, table covering.  I strongly suggest bringing children’s food in picnic boxes to keep your catering easy. Add slice of cake or cup cake to their box to enjoy later at home.

As a slight variation on a theme younger children aged 5-7 can choose to paint a bowl, mug, side plate or from a selection of pottery e.g. animals etc. plus a clay hanger. Painting activity followed by party lunch or tea.

Cost from £15.00 per head plus £25.00 for the use of a party food table for an extra 30 minutes.

For either option a small deposit of £25 is required to secure the booking.

For younger children we recommend pottery painting. Excellent value as we offer two items of pottery and most parents opt to hire the party food table and serve lunch/tea between the painting projects. Still only from  £15.00 per head but pottery valued £19+. The paints wash out of clothes!

Pottery painting parties aged 7+, children choose one item of pottery. Painting activity lasts 1 1/2 hours.